call for artists

JURIED BY: Carole Perry, Artistic Director of the Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY and seven years of curatorial experience at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY. 


WINNERS ANNOUNCED:  July 18th, 2016 

FESTIVAL: September 17th, 2016

Haverstraw RiverArts & Music Festival is excited to announce a call for entry, to its HAVERSTRAW RIVERART PROJEX: 3, Live Art Event, to be held in Emeline Park, located on the shore of the Hudson River in the Village of Haverstraw, September 17th, 2016.

In an experimental spirit, HAVERSTRAW RIVERART PROJEX: 3, Live Art Event, welcomes artists interested in moving from the traditional studio, gallery and museum space into an outdoor landscape setting

The Haverstraw RiverArts & Music Festival's HAVERSTRAW RIVERART PROJEX: 3, Live Art Event, is an interactive art project assembled on site with a mission to express and interpret the “cultural landscape” of this vibrant river town through art.  The art may be made from found or indigenous materials on the Hudson River as well as outside materials.  The art may take the form of any art media that can withstand the elements of one day in nature.  Sculpture, painting, mixed media, tactical and site performance, temporal installations, video, sound projections, or multimedia digital platforms are acceptable.

Up to 5 selected artists or artist teams will receive a $500 honorarium per submission.

Artists must be crowd interactive and on site from 12pm until the festival ends at 6pm. 

Artists must submit a brief description for all installations.  All proposals are due on July 13th, 2016. Individual Artists may apply but artist teams are encouraged to apply. 

The artwork chosen should in some respect reference at least one of the following:  the Hudson River that flows past the village, its geology, its natural assets, its people and diverse culture, or references to its long and important history as described below. 



2016 is the 400th anniversary of the first historical reference to this land as "Haverstroo" by Dutch explorers representing the Dutch West India Company including Henry Hudson and Adriaen Block. Hudson dropped first anchor not in New York Harbor, but in Haverstraw Bay after traversing the Verdrietige Hook, or "tedious hook" now known as Hook Mountain of the Palisades Escarpment. Boasting abundant beds of blue and yellow clay in its dense marshland, Haverstraw became the greatest brick-producing region in the nation beginning in the early 18th century. At it's brickmaking height, the Village employed thousands in related industry, contained dozens of brickyards, and produced millions of bricks annually to build New York City, as well as St. Petersburg, Russia, during the 19th and 20th century population boom. 

An existing rock quarry on the Palisades Escarpment spurred the early 20th century conservation movement. A play named for the crown of the Palisades and its highest peak, High Tor, won the Pulitzer Prize and kicked off mass interest in land conservation leading to the first instances of land preservation in New York State with the creation of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. Earlier, High Tor was a Revolutionary War communication beacon hosting watch fires that notified the Continental Army of British ship and troops movements. Haverstraw is the home of the infamous Treason of Benedict Arnold and British Major John Andre. The Village is known for its outsized collection of exceptional moments in history including the first American Communist colony experiment, Captain Kidd's hidden treasure, stunning Tiffany church windows, a house that inspired Edward Hopper and Alfred Hitchcock, and a violent landslide that claimed nearly 20% of the Villages downtown. In its heyday, Haverstraw hosted six Off-Broadway and Vaudeville theatres, was the site of early film studios and industry experimentation and the first made-for-television film containing Julie Andrew’s screen debut with Bing Crosby. The Village has a very long history of fostering art and creativity.

Today, Downtown Haverstraw is a collection of multiple Latino ethnicities, modern Hudson Valley settlers from Manhattan and Brooklyn, a burgeoning artist community, distinctive beds and breakfast, and culinary treasures offering foods from near and far. This walkable, urban downtown boasts preserved architecture from nearly every American vernacular, juxtaposed between the Village's built environment and its surrounding natural drama is ever present. Although the Village is very well connected to New York City via Metro North Railroad and NY Waterway Ferry, it remains a unique and distinct enclave for artistic, culinary and musical experimentation and opportunity, all the while isolated and insulated from the surrounding suburban uniformity.    

INSTALLATIONS:  Installations are temporary and must withstand natural elements for the period of the festival.  Artists will have the choice to take their sculpture when they leave at the end of the festival or allow Haverstraw RiverArts to exhibit their work locally.  While the Festival Committee will be able to provide some assistance, artists will be responsible for installing and de-installing their work.  The Festival does not officially start until 12pm, however artists will be able to set up at 8 am and begin working. We suggest participants make any plans, designs, patterns, armatures, frames, supports, stands, etc. before arriving since they will only have 6 hours to work.  Artists can use any materials they like.  The Festival Committee may be able to give limited assistance in gathering materials if they are indigenous.  You will be working outdoors in the park.  Electricity will be supplied but limited.  The Festival Committee encourages site meetings ahead of the festival date - by appointment. 


 SUBMISSION DEADLINE:                            July 13th, 2016

 WINNERS ANNOUNCED:                            July 18th, 2016

 (Winners will be contacted via email and announced on our website and social media.) 

 Haverstraw RiverArts & Music Festival:      September 17, 2016


Email your application to­­ by July 13th, 2016. 

Required:  A digital folder with:

- A 300 word or less proposal that includes the media and scale.

- Resume 

- Up to 10 images of recent work.  (Digital specifications can be found on

- An image script, which should include title, medium, dimension, and date.

NOTE:  Please size your images no larger than 2000 pixels max H or W, at a resolution of 72 dpi and format them as RGB JPGs. You may send up to 10 images.  Describe your images in your proposal.  Digital images should be in a folder and clearly labeled so that they match the description using two digits (01, 02, 03, etc.) and your name in the following format: LastName_FirstName_01.jpg.  Do not submit CDS.  All images must be uploaded digitally.

For additional questions about the application, or for specifics of Haverstraw RiverArts & Music Festival call for entry, please contact us at: (845) 372-6552.

Haverstraw RiverArts committee members will announce finalists from all submitted applications that have met our guidelines, based on artistic merit, by July 18th, 2016.